Rock Hard Abs

Quick Six Rock Hard AbsBuild rock hard abs with the following 5-move routine:

Getting the Quick Six

Your journey to a washboard stomach won’t begin and end with serious ab workouts. However, these exercises are important. The following workout will comprehensively train the muscles around your core. It will also alternate between lower and upper abs to provide the perfectly chiseled six pack.

Always perform this workout 2 to 4 times every week – either as a standalone session or with your usual routine. There should be no rests between the moves because the exercises will take around 10 minutes at most.

Combined with some fat burning supplements and a good diet, this workout will help you get rock hard abs in no time.

Quick Six Rock Hard Abs

The Routine (Repeat Three Times)

  • 12 reps of the long arm crunch
  • 12 reps of the reverse crunch
  • 12 reps of Janda sit-ups
  • 12 reps of the jack-knife
  • 45 seconds of an extended plank

1. The Long Arm Crunch


Bend your knees, straighten your arms behind you and lie on your back. Then, perform a traditional crunch ensuring your arms are above your head. Your movements should be controlled and slow.


When you extend your arms, you add a longer level to this exercise. This places great strain on the upper region of the tummy.

2. The Reverse Crunch


Lie on your back. Place your hands behind the head and bring your knees towards the chest until they are bent at 90 degrees. Cross your feet or place them together. Then, contract your ab area and curl your hips upwards. Reach the legs towards the ceiling and lower them back to their original position. When you do this, ensure your feet don’t touch the floor; otherwise your abs won’t be activated. This exercise should also be controlled and slow, with no overuse of the hip flexors.


Although the rectus abdominis is a long muscle traveling from the pelvis to the lower chest, the reverse crunch emphasizes the lower part of the tummy.

3. Janda Sit Ups


Lying back, bend your knees and place your hands behind your head. Then, try to dig your heels into the floor. Contract your hamstrings and perform an ordinary crunch.


When you contract the hamstrings, you will disengage the hip flexors. In turn, this will make the stomach muscles work harder during the workout.

4. The Jack Knife


Lying back on a mat, extend your arms above your head. Then, simultaneously lift your legs and arms toward the ceiling until your fingertips just touch the toes before returning to the position you started from.


After targeting and pre-exhausting the lower and the upper regions of the rectus abdominis, this exercise will completely train your stomach muscles in a single move.

5. The Extended Plank


In the press up position, place your hands 10 inches in front of the shoulders with the toes against the floor. Straighten your back and hold this position while breathing normally.


The extended plank is similar to a traditional plank. However, it will specifically train the transverse abdominal muscles – which is wrapped around the entire midsection. When you extend your hands beyond the shoulders, you will work out the affected muscles over a larger and more difficult range of movement.

So, there you have it – the workout plan that will help you get rock hard abs in no time. Ensure you follow the above exercise regimen at least 2 times every week for best results. Where possible, combine it with the right diet, healthy foods, and dietary supplements and you will soon be rocking the hardest abs.