Reebok Professional Deck Workout Bench

Reebok Professional Deck Workout BenchThe Reebok professional deck workout Bench is a ground breaking re-configurable workout platform which signifies the most recent evolution of the ever-popular authentic Reebok Step. It makes it possible for us to carry out efficient cardio workouts. Also it can convert right into a flat, decline or incline weight bench. The Reebok Professional Deck Workout Bench is definitely an amazing product and is a perfect exercise platform which transforms to assist a ton of different exercises.

Reebok Professional Deck Workout Bench Features and Specifications

Multi-purpose fitness bench

The professional deck workout bench works extremely well for lots of other activities which includes circuit training, or any activity that includes an accessory such as a medicine ball for instance. Reebok steps are simple to recognize and differentiate themselves from the other steps with their exclusive design.

It is a perfect piece of equipment for any cardio-vascular exercises, lower body muscle toning and burning up calories. It has an incredible combination of cardio-workout and resistance training. We can arrange it as an aerobic-stepping platform, an incline/decline seat or bench. It is great for low impact aerobics with powerful heart rate performance and metabolism.

Resistance tubes makes it complete

We can place resistance tubes into the guide routes on the feet and in 4 positions on the back-rest; also, since they still move without restraint within the guide channels while we are working out we can swap from exercise to exercise effortlessly.

Step/bench platform 3 position angle support

As a Step

Reebok Professional Deck Workout BenchThe Deck comes out of the package in the authentic Step position which is probably the most useful way to store it, and appears like a regular Reebok Step.

When the legs are folded-in, it is a similar height to the regular step with 2 rises on. At the full height stepping gets considerably tougher, anyone who on a regular basis does a step class will most likely adapt quite easily to higher heights, but if an individual is not a part of regular workout routines then he or she should really begin at the lower level and build-up to the 2nd height.

As a Bench

Pop one of the legs up and we then experience an incline bench. This is perfect for carrying out stretches. It’s also good for including resistance when performing sit-up or abs exercises by lying down with our head towards  the lower end of the Deck.

We can feel at ease to lie on the bench while we are doing our stomach crunches, and again when working with hand-held weights resting in a flat position. The Deck has curved edges which imply it does not dig into our sides and it is somewhat longer than a step so we could lay on it comfortably flat without our head or buttocks hanging off of the end.

3 Changing Positions

Turn the deck on its side and just move the legs out until experiencing a click, which is the legs locking into position. To release the legs we simply squeeze the handles which are perfectly positioned in either end of the Deck and fold the legs back. Moving the Deck’s back rest is also simple, we squeeze the handle on the right hand side of the Deck to push out the back rest and lift up the top of the deck which will now end up being the back rest. Then pull out the prop from beneath the back rest and slot it into among the three fixed positions.

2 Height Positions

Step height of 20.5cm which is perfect for low impact aerobics. To raise the intensity, merely flip out the fundamental risers to 35.5cm. The Reebok Professional Deck Workout Bench low center of mass and the non-slip rubber surface causes it to be very steady and risk-free in use.

The Deck can be modified into 16 configurations which includes transforming to a flat, incline or decline strength training bench. Reebok Training Specialists continuously astound themselves at its overall flexibility. Currently they have put together over 400 exercises which can be done on the bench.

Free Weights

Using it for free weights are excellent and the additional bonus of the back rest is suitable. We could do a good deal of exercises than we’d usually be able to do with just our dumbbells, however it isn’t created for heavy-weight training and Reebok advises to never to use anything at all heavier than 15kg while using the bench.


Reebok Professional Deck Workout Bench StorageReebok has also created a storage space compartment within the bench where we lift up the top to create the back-rest. This internal storage compartment is useful for storing your small weights and resistance tubes which are not included with the workout bench.

Strong but still portable

The challenge with the workout bench was to ensure it is both portable and strong. The support struts for the back-rest are metal-coated in a plastic material to give a substantial, safe platform. The width of the back rest is particularly molded to make sure that we can perform a complete and fruitful range of flexibility through the shoulder joints. The Reebok experts design and style challenge was to develop a device that allows us to work every muscle of our body in just a 10 minute workout. They accomplished this and even more.

Reebok Professional Deck Workout Bench is a high-end fitness platform, which is re-configurable into a variety of positions. Reebok is a brand name reigns best when it comes to aerobics steps and the deck steps. This is probably the most well-known products in the whole fitness industry. Reebok continues to be developing aerobic step for over twenty five years and it is apparent in the high quality of the Professional Deck workout bench we have got as an aerobic product.

Reebok Professional Deck Workout Bench is among the greatest products since it combines together revolutionary design features in a functional and flexible product. If we are thinking about one item of exercise equipment to give us a point of interest for our fitness regimen the Reebok Professional Deck Workout Bench ought to be that item.

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