How Long to Get a Six Pack?

How Long to Get a Six PackUnless you have a chiseled body, you have probably asked yourself? ‘how long to get a six pack?’ Essentially, you can create the definition required to get eye-popping abs through appropriate and consistent training. The techniques you employ will also increase the definition and size of your abs.

However, the length of time it will take for you to get a six pack will depend on your gender, the amount of training you do, and the amount of fat around your midsection.

How Long to Get a Six Pack?

Six Pack Muscles

To get a six pack, you need to reveal the rectus abdominus muscle around your midsection. This muscle runs vertically through the front of the torso. When you contract this muscle, you will flex the trunk and bend down around the waist. By working out and eating right, you can easily reveal the six defined sections forming your abs.

Getting a Six Pack

So, how long should you train to get a six pack? Basically, you need to consistently strength train and follow a serious muscle building program (a hypertrophy). The hypertrophy will involve high frequency training sessions.

Like other muscles in the body, the rectus abdominus muscles requires periods of rest after strength training. Therefore, you should take 48 hours off after each training session.

Additionally, the minimum requirement to get six pack abs will require that you train twice every week. However, you can meet your goals by training 3 alternate days every week.

As you train, ensure you complete 5 different exercises, including:

  • Basic crunches
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Reverse crunches
  • Straight leg crunches
  • Straight leg lowers

Perform 3 sets of each of these exercises and complete every set until you feel fatigued.

Taking Your Time

Although you cannot know for sure how long it will take for you to get six pack abs, it is vital that you be patient. These results often take time and require a great deal of patience.

By training consistently, you will start seeing significant increases in your ab muscle definition in 6 to 8 weeks. In particular, men tend to see these results faster than women because they have more testosterone and growth hormones.

Uncovering the Six Pack

You should also remember that the fat tissue located over the abdominal muscle will determine how fast you start seeing your six pack. To this end, you should train to increase the definition and size of your rectus abdominus muscles while also fighting to reduce your body fat percentage.

Actually, developing muscles through strength training is good. However, if you still have excess fat around your midsection, your muscles will be covered up. This is why you need to incorporate cardiovascular exercises to facilitate fast weight loss and to burn calories.

How Long to Get a Six Pack

So, how long should you train? Use the following procedure to lose body fat and start revealing your six pack abs:

a) Body Fat

For your abs to show, you need to reduce your body fat content to 7%. The best way to calculate the amount of fat on your body is by using skin fold calipers.

b) Weight Loss Programs

There are many weight loss programs out there. Most of these programs claim that they will help you lose a minimum of 2 pounds per week. However, this only works for people who weigh 300 pounds or more. If you are down to 100 pounds, using such a program will lead to serious malnutrition. Instead, use programs that call for healthy eating and regular exercises.

c) Eat Right

Last but not least, the foods you eat will determine how long to get a six pack you will take. To this end, ensure you incorporate healthy foods into your diet and cut out anything that is fattening.