Diet for a Six Pack

A Diet for a Six PackMost people hit the gym, go through different stability exercises and sit up reps and log time on the treadmill to no avail. This is because they forget that abs can only be made in the kitchen. To this end, you need to diet for a six pack.

Irrespective of how strong you are and how firm your core, it will be impossible for you to see your abs unless you work on removing the layer of fat sitting around your midsection.

To do this, you will both have to ditch fast food and incorporate proper foods into your diet for a 6 pack. As far as possible, therefore, go for foods that torch belly fat, boost your metabolism, and ward off all potential weight gain. With time, you will trim your waistline and your six pack will reveal itself.

A Diet for a Six Pack

So, what are these foods you should start eating? Consider the following:

1. Bell Peppers

Even if you exercise and eat well, stress will prevent your six pack from showing. Whenever you feel stressed, your body will produce cortisol, a hormone that encourages the storage of cholesterol-promoting fat around your waistline.

To keep yourself trim, therefore, reach out for foods that are rich in vitamin C. these include, but are not limited to, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and peppers. These foods will lower the levels of cortisol, thereby allowing your abs to take center stage.

2. Eggs

Eggs contain choline, a nutrient that boosts metabolism and turns off the genes that promote belly fat storage. Reducing your intake of carbs and opting for eggs for breakfast will also make it easier for you to lose weight. This is mostly due to the satiety value of eggs.

Where possible, therefore, hard boil your eggs, or turn them into mini frittatas. This will enable you reap their ab-shredding and nutrient packed benefits.

3. Bananas

If your belly is bloated, you will look paunchy, irrespective of how prominent your six pack is. Fight against water retention and gas by eating bananas. Having two bananas a day as your pre-meal snack will reduce belly bloat by around 50%.

This fruit is also an excellent source of potassium – which helps reduce water retention. After fighting bloat, you should be able to display your abs proudly both at home or at a public beach.

4. Fortified Milk

To diet for a six pack, you need to take a daily serving of vitamin-D fortified yogurt and milk. Combining vitamin D and calcium will significantly decrease abdominal (visceral) fat and the absorption of lipid.

5. Green Tea

Green tea maximizes the benefits of working out. Sipping 4 to 5 cups of this tea on the daily and working out for a minimum of 25 minutes will help you lose belly fat faster. This is because this drink contains catechins – an oxidant that will hinder the storage of that flat of belly fat. If you are not a fan of green tea, eat fresh pears instead. This fruit is a great antioxidant.

6. Lean Poultry

Eating lean cuts of chicken and turkey on a daily basis will reduce your belly bulge. These sources of protein will boost satiety and help you eat less at all subsequent meals of the day.

They also have high thermogenic effects compared to carbs and fats. Protein will also boost your calorie burn after meals by as much as 35%. For the best results, take 0.8 grams of these sources of protein for every kilo of your body weight.

So, there you have it – the foods to include in your diet for a 6 pack. Eating more of the above foods will help you fight your belly fat. With time, your body will naturally start showing its sick pack.