6 Pack Meal Plan

Your 6 Pack Meal PlanWhat does a 6 pack meal plan entail? What foods should you add to your diet plan to help yourself get abs in the shortest period of time? Consider eating more of the following foods:

Your 6 Pack Meal Plan

1. Chocolate Milk

Looking for the secret to keeping fit and staying slim? You are going to need greater muscle mass and lower body fat content. This is because the muscle will burn more of the calories you consume on a daily basis. Therefore, for every muscle fiber your body creates, you will give your metabolism a new surge of fat-burning energy.

Essentially, chocolate milk is great for helping you do exactly that. Low fat chocolate milk, in particular, contains 8 grams of protein per cup. This means that a serving before and after working out will provide you with 16 grams of the effective whey protein your body needs to manufacture muscle mass.

2. Cherries

Cherries are delicious. They are also rich in phytonutrients. The tart cherry, in particular, is sold canned, frozen or dried. You should, therefore, look out for them. These superpower fruits will help you reduce belly fat. Moreover, cherries will alter the expression of body fat genes, which will come in handy if you are planning meals to get a 6 pack.

3. Apples

Apples are a great source of fiber. When you increase your intake of soluble fiber, your body will naturally reduce your belly fat. The Pink Lady apple, in particular, contains high levels of flavanoids, an antioxidant that burn fat and helps reveal abs.

4. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are slow carbs that are digested slowly by the body. As such, they are effective for helping us feel more energized and fuller for a longer period of time. Additionally, sweet potatoes have tons of nutrients and fiber. As such, they will help you burn fat faster.

The carotenoids in sweet potatoes will also provide you with the antioxidants your body needs to stabilize the levels of blood sugar and lower insulin resistant. Therefore, these slow carbs will prevent calories from getting converted into unsightly body fat.

5. Broccoli

Apart from warding off skin, lung, breast, and prostate cancer, broccoli will also whittle down your midsection. It contains sulforaphane, a phytonutrient that will increase testosterone in your body and fight the storage of fat.

Broccoli is also rich in vitamin C, a nutrient that will lower the levels of cortisol whenever you feel stress. This way, it will ensure that ab formation takes center stage. You can also substitute it with arugula, cauliflower, kale, and Chinese cabbage for a varied 6 pack meal plan.

6. Blueberries

Blueberries contain carbs but are still some of the best fruits to add to your meal plans. These berries are also loaded with polyphenols, the chemical compounds your body needs to fight fat formation.

Additionally, blueberries are effective for burning belly fat, lowering cholesterol levels, and building muscle. The skin, in particular, is rich in ursolic acid, which prevents the breakdown of muscle mass.

7. Buckwheat

Buckwheat is a good source of protein. It will, therefore, supply you with all the essential muscle building amino acids you need, and which the body cannot produce naturally.

The fiber and magnesium content in buckwheat will slow your digestion, ward off hunger and blood sugar spikes, and help to control your blood sugar levels. As such, buckwheat is one of the most effective ingredients for losing weight and keeping it off.

8. Others

Other foods to add to your 6 pack meal plan include but are not limited to:

  • Sprouted Bread
  • Cold Potato Salad
  • Teff
  • Amaranth
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Spinach
  • Wheat Bran
  • Tuna

When you eat the above foods regularly and keep up your with your exercise regimen, it should not be hard for you to developed the chiseled midsection that is required for your abs to show. Follow the above 6 pack meal plan advice and enjoy the benefits of a fine tummy.